Information about Tiger Credit

App Name:Tiger Credit
Amount of money:₦500 - ₦500,000
Interest Rate:0% - 13%/Year
Operating system::APK, IOS, Pc
Address:Suite FC23 Banex Plaza Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse Ii, Nigeria

Currently, with the development of technology, customers do not have to spend too much time performing complex procedures when borrowing money. Tiger Credit is one of the most popular loan applications with attractive interest rates and the simplest loan process.

What is Tiger Credit?

Tiger Credit is the name of an online lending application, where customers do not need to spend time traveling to transaction offices. The loan process is extremely safe, simple, and fast. Especially when customers need urgent loans, Tiger Credit is an excellent choice with a disbursement process that is almost instant. Borrowers only need to perform operations on the system proficiently to receive money quickly when the approval notification is sent.

Why do customers choose the Tiger Credit app?

So what are the reasons that make the Tiger Credit application a choice for many customers?

  1. The clear and beautiful interface helps customers perform operations easily, quickly borrow money and disburse on time.
  2. It does not require borrowers to pledge assets and does not require collateral from relatives. Customers can borrow money without the need for direct face-to-face meetings.
  3. The conditions and procedures for borrowers are extremely simple.
  4. The loan system stretches across the country to meet the urgent borrowing needs of customers anytime.
  5. The process and interest rates are transparent and suitable.
  6. Tiger Credit possesses a business license and is recognized by reputable organizations. Great services and a team of well-trained staff are ready to answer customer questions.

Limit and interest rate of loans at Tiger Credit

Before requesting loans and disbursing, customers need to know the information about the limit, loan term, and interest rate of the loans that this application offers:

  • Limit: Tiger Credit allows customers to borrow money with a minimum limit of ₦500 and a maximum of ₦500,000.
  • Loan term: The minimum loan term is 91 days and the maximum is 150 days. Customers need to repay the loan within this period.
  • Interest rate: Tiger Credit applies an interest rate of 1.5% per month.

In addition to this information, customers also need to know that when they do not pay on time, they will have to pay additional overdue interest. In case customers still do not pay, they will be reminded by the application's staff. On the other hand, a great advantage of the Tiger Credit application is that customers can borrow with identity verification documents issued by the Nigerian government.

Requirements to meet when borrowing from Tiger Credit

To borrow money from the Tiger Credit lending app, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Customers must be Vietnamese nationals living in Nigeria.
  2. Customers must be between 18 and 60 years old and legally responsible.
  3. Customers' personal identity documents are still valid.
  4. Customers must have a bank account under their own name to borrow money.
  5. Provide an accurate phone number to receive important information.
  6. Commit to paying the loan on time.

Loan process with Tiger Credit

The loan process with the Tiger Credit app is a question that many customers ask, as for online apps, completing procedures quickly is highly valued. The steps required to borrow money from the Tiger Credit app include:

Step 1: Directly download our app at the website:

Step 2: After completing the download process and installing the app on your phone, customers need to provide all the important personal information required by the app, including full name, personal identification documents, phone number, profession, and place of residence, bank account number, or e-wallet currently in use, along with the amount of money borrowed.

Step 3: After customers have provided all the important information, they wait for the app to review the loan request. Finally, the money will be disbursed to the account number provided.

We are one of the fastest and most convenient consumer lending apps that customers need to know. Through information about interest rates, loan processes, and procedures, we hope that readers will make the most accurate decision when choosing a loan app.